Bittrex Reviews: How To Trade Bitcoin On Bittrex Exchange

About Bittrex

Bittrex- The Next Generation Of Exchange

Bittrex is a cryptocurrency trading platform based in Seattle Washington, United States since 2013 under the supervision of a mastermind like Bill Shihara (CEO) working with around 49 crypto enthusiasts. It has proved its place in the market by its wonderful customer support and Service either by chat or directly over the phone. It provides access to users to purchase and sell bitcoin using their Credit card directly.

They have been criticized in the past for their awful UI and complex patterns to operate but with the latest model and UI, Bittrex is once again back in the market to provide the ultimate customer service to the trader as well as beginners.

The next generation crypto-currency exchange
Bittrex – New Generation Exchange

Bittrex’s all-new platform is sleek, fast, and efficient with the beautiful UI and straight forward detailing on their landing page. Bittrex has a past history of shutting down the service for any new users on their platform as it started crashing down due to the overload of the customers in 2017.

Bittrex is back with the powerful website and multiple other features along with it to support the users at its best. It allows users to trade and exchange over 50 cryptocurrencies using fiat. Corporate customers based in the U.S. states of Washington, California, New York, and Montana may trade using U.S. dollars held in Signature Bank of New York.

Corporate Account Request– API Key – Bittrex Support

Bittrex also allows the users to integrate their API on their platform or on their website to accept the payments in the form of BTC or any other currency. Today if you log in to the Bittrex exchange you would find a thing much simple and sleek to operate like their price graph, order limit, buy limit, sell limit your wallet if you have any and total asset that you hold on Bittrex.

It also allows the users to buy and sell Bitcoin using the credit card or via the direct wire.

Integrate Bittrex API

Besides all its efforts users have to go through many different kinds of issues while operating the exchange for which they have excellent Bittrex Customer Support Number and chat options available.

Platforms Supporting Bittrex

With the steep increase in the technology sector there have been many operating systems introduced for the users according to their usability, So here is the list of all the operating system that supports Bittrex exchange!

WINDOWS (7, 8.1, 10)


LINUX Operating System


Android Platform

iOS Platform

Bittrex: It's Customer Support & Services

If you are using some other operating system and face trouble with the setup of your account on Bittrex, feel free to pick the phone and dial on the Bittrex Customer Help Service to get in touch with the Bittrex Live Human representative to deal with your ongoing issues.

So now let’s go ahead and shed some light on its most common issues faced by the traders while operating Bittrex;


  • How to create an account on Bittrex?

  • Why does verification take so long?

  • How do I reset my Bittrex password?

  • How to change 2Fa for Bittrex?

  • How to buy and sell on Bittrex?

  • Convert my coins

  • How to contact the Bittrex Customer service Number?

  • Why Bittrex ask for KYC?

  • Is Bittrex safe to invest in?

  • Why I am not being accepted on Bittrex?

  • Has Bittrex been hacked before?

Bittrex Exchange: Conslucion

Unlike any other exchange, Bittrex is not spared with some cons but trust me it also carries some wonderful features it’s Pons; so let’s discuss that.

Bittrex Advantages

Sleek Design
Instant Chat Help
User Friendly
Large List of Supporting Coins
US Based
Credit Card Purchase Available
Faster Speed
High Privacy

Bittrex Disadvantages

Might Crash Down
Lack of Multi-Lingual Support
Higher Fees
Average Limits
KYC Demanded
Lacks Direct Bittrex Customer Toll-Free Number

How do I contact Bittrex Directly?

For all customer support issues, please visit the Bittrex support center to file a ticket with the Bittrex Global support team or login to your account on the support site (

Contact | Bittrex Global Support

Help Center | Submit a request