KuCoin Exchange: Buy & Sell Bitcoin

When you say Bitcoin or its exchange you cannot take a chance to skip the name of this exchange named kuCoin based in Hong-Kong. It is considered as one of the most reliable exchange around all Europe for basic trading and exchanging your altcoins.

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KuCoin | Crypto Exchange | Buy & Sell Bitcoin

It also has a very supportive and 24/7 Kucoin customer service number to contact in case of any issues.

kuCoin also has its own share known as kuCoin Share, the investors have the option to earn the dividend, you can also pay less for trading fee using the same kuCoin cryptocurrency.For any issues related to your kuCoin Share you can reach us by dialing kuCoin customer support number, kuCoin also claims to have the most advanced API on the market with more than 300 trading pairs allowing you to sell and purchase Bitcoin.

KuCoin Fee: Deposit, Trading & Withdrawal Fees

kuCoin has one of the most convenient trading fee which is even considered as the one of the lowest according to the global industry average which is around 0.10% due to its flat trading model as it does not charge the taker and maker separately.

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KuCoin Trade Volume & Market Listings

Many other exchanges have a very competitive fee in the market but they might end up charging you otherwise on the name of withdrawl and deposits but not this exchange. Even if you are looking to withdraw BTC from the platform you just have to pay 0.0005BTC on every bitcoin transaction again making it one of the most competitive on Global industry average.

KuCoin Exchange: Fiat Currency Exchange Support

However, any new bei looking to enter the kuCoin market need to have a pre holding of any cryptocurrency as the platform doesn’t allow the exchange of fiat currency into the cryptocurrency. So just make sure you already have possession of any cryptocurrency to get into the kuCoin account.

Search Results Web results KuCoin Adds More Fiat Currency Exchange Rateswww.kucoin.com › news › en-kucoin-adds-more-fiat-currency-excha... Dec 12, 2019 - To provide a better trading experience for users, the following fiat currency exchange rates have been added: ARS, UAH, COP, BDT, DZD, KZT, ... KuCoin Adds Support for Purchasing Crypto With Fiat
Buy Crypto With CHF, CZK, DKK, NOK

Now with all the golden points of kuCoin, it also has some point that pushes it behind in the line of listing of top cryptocurrency exchange. That particular point on which kuCoin needs to work really hard is their security policy as it has been graded as D+ by Observatory by Mozilla.

Platforms Supporting KuCoin Exchange

With the steep increase in the technology sector there have been many operating systems introduced for the users according to their usability, So here is the list of all the operating system that supports kuCoin exchange.

Windows (7, 8.1, 10)

Linux Operating system



Android Platform

iOS Platform

KuCoin & It's Conclusion

Now let’s look at the factor which matters the most for any users interested in trading on kuCoin, i.e; its Advantage and Disadvantage.

Advantages of KuCOin

Disadvantages of KuCoin

Easy to use

Multi-Lingual Support

Lower trading fee

Can also get dividend on holding KuCoin Shares

No verification require for anonymous users

Supports more than 300 Trading pairs

Security can be a point of concern

Weak Customer support and service

No fiat currency can be used

Pre-holding of crypto is mandatory to use kuCoin

No direct contact to live human Kucoin support

KuCoin: It's Customer Support and Services

KuCoin provides Users can contact and consult with Kucoin technical support engineers by sending an email to- tech-support@kucoin.com. Their support and service team will solve the various problems encountered by users in the process of using KuCoin products faster and more effectively.

Below are the list of most common problems faced by the kuCoin users while making an access to this exchange.


How to register account on kuCoin?

Kucoin is a third party exchange that allows you to buy, sell, and trade lots of different cryptocurrencies. It was created in May 2017 by a group of tech specialists who had previously worked on projects such as Ant Financial and iBox PAY. Kucoin is one of the newest cryptocurrency exchanges in the industry.

In order to register with kuCoin, follow the below mention steps:-

  1. Log in kucoin.com and Click on SIGNUP at the extreme top right of the website.
  2. Use your email and set a password. (Note:- To create a strong password use upper-case, lower-case, numbers, and special characters.)
  3. After you have registered, an automated email will be sent to your registered email for authorization.
  4. Check the activation email in your mailbox and click on the link to activate your kuCoin account.
  5. You are suggested to also bind the 2FA Google verification for an additional layer of security.

How to purchase on kuCoin?

If you are looking for a way to purchase on kuCoin, it’s really simple just like the registration process. kuCoin offers a large number of altcoins to trade with, which definitely opens up the possibility for many new and professionals to approach toward kuCoin exchange.

First, you have funded your account using Fiat currencies and then-

  1. Click on Markets at the top of the page.
  2. You need to search for the coin you want to buy. To do this, enter it into the search box that can be found on the right of the page.
  3. Kucoin will then list all of the different trading pairs that are available for the coin you want to buy.
  4. Click on the trading pair which matches the coin you deposited with!
  5. You will now be on the main trading screen. On the right side of the page, look for the buy box that is displayed below the list of orders.
  6. Enter the number of coins you want to buy.
  7. Click on the blue best price button and then click on the green buy box to complete your trade.

Is Kucoin Safe to invest on?

Before depositing your money to an exchange, it is always important to know whether they are safe or not of course, you have to trust that your funds are going to be safe and secure.

Third-party exchanges operates on a centralized server, meaning that if it gets hacked, then your coins could be at risk. Does this happen in the cryptocurrency industry? Yes, unfortunately, all the time!

For example, in late 2017, it was reported that the total amount of coins that had been hijacked in the history of cryptocurrency was over $15 billion USD. There have been some additional hacks since then so this number is now even higher!

So is Kucoin safe and if so, how? Firstly, the website is protected by an encrypted protocol that keeps private account information secure.  Furthermore,  we also discovered that there is also an internal risk customer department that is there to ensure user deposits are safe.

To protect your account even further, the exchange offers you the chance to set up Google Authenticator. If you do so, you will need to enter a code from your mobile phone on to the Kucoin website before you can log in, as well as to make a trade.

It is highly recommend that you set up this extra security feature. Simply because if somebody gets your password, they still wouldn’t be able to access your account as they would need access to your mobile device for 6 digit google verification code.

Finally, it is also worth mentioning that although it is great that Kucoin has not experienced a hack, they are still a very new exchange. On the other hand, no matter which exchange you use, you should never keep large amounts of funds stored there. It is recommended to withdraw your coins back to a secure personal hardware wallet (such as Ledger nano).

Does kuCoin accept Fiat currency?

Now this is something that every user are looking for and willing to be answered. So let’s be straight to the point that-

kuCoin does not accept Fiat currency and hence you won’t be able to use any of the traditional method like Debit card, Credit Card or Bank transfers on kuCoin.

However every coin has two sides and it could be a plus point for many traders as you have to deposit any crypto currency to the kuCoin exchange to start trading and purchasing any of the listed coins on the platform.

Now this gives you a freedom of limit as it could be literally unlimited purchase limit without even asking for your personal documents like your passport or bank details and you can go anonymous on kuCoin exchange.

How to recover Google 2FA verification code on kuCoin?

While going across the internet and over deep and long research we have come to the conclusion that Resetting 2FA is the most searched and asked question that users are looking to be answered.

Google 2FA(2-factor authentication) is an additional security layer that is asked to the users during the time of sign up or while making any trading on kuCoin Exchange.

Well, resetting 2FA can be a big deal sometimes if you have lost the unique seed code which is provided to you while you set this security feature for the very first time.

Reasons for kuCoin 2FA is not working normally:-

  • Timezone might be one of the problems.
  • Lost access to your Phone with Google Authenticator.
  • So for the timezone issue, you are requested to make sure that your time zone is exactly the same as that you are in or your phone and computer’s timezone are absolutely synchronized.

If you lost your device or uninstall the Google Authenticator, and never store google secret key (16 digits), please click “Google verification unavailable?” and follow the steps below-

  1. log in to www.kucoin.com
  2. Under security verification, click on lost google-authenticator
  3. Pass the security verification questions.

After completing the above steps, please upload the requested ID information. Once we have verified your information, the Google 2-step Authenticator will be disabled for your account in 1-3 business days.


  1. If you accidentally exit the page before clicking the “Activate” button, you haven’t changed the 2FA successfully, thus the old 2FA is still valid;
  2. To ensure your account security, the withdrawal services on KuCoin and KuMEX will be temporarily locked for 24 hours after the setting is approved;
  3. Please note that the 2FA bound to the old device will be invalid after activation. Please delete the old 2FA code. The key to the modified 2FA has also been updated.

Why my kuCoin deposits are not showing?

Sometimes system gets overloaded with requests and funds can get locked up because of the huge trading activity. Unfortunately, there is not much you can do about it except wait. You can try calling customer service, but in most cases they will tell you the holds are automatically flagged by bots and there is nothing they can do about it.

How to delete account on kuCoin?

Unfortunately, KuCoin currently does not support users deleting their KuCoin account.

You can stop using your account or open a new account with another E-mail address.

Please be assured that KuCoin keeps all user information secure and does not leak any passwords or usernames.

What is kuCoin Pool-X?

Pool-X is the next generation PoS exchange. By supporting lockup-crypto transactions, it aims to develop the future development of the PoS ecosystem. Services offered by Pool-X include, but are not limited to liquidity trading market, node integration, and operational solutions.

POL (Proof Of Liquidity) serves the role of credits for Pool-X, helping to record the flow of liquidity certificates and working as the payment method for liquidity bids. Ultimately, POL was created to cope with the inadequate liquidity of staked crypto assets. Due to their nature, zero reservations of POL are to be provided to the team or any individual upfront.


We have tried to list down all the pros and cons along with the features and services provided by the kuCoin exchange to its user. This includes the purchase and sells method, account registration, and deactivation process along with the security and services.

I have personally been on kuCoin exchange for multiple times in search of some specific coins and it has never failed to make me happy with it coin listing. They have also been very transparent and trustworthy with the details and information of the customers. So, what do you think now of the kuCoin exchange?

Always think twice before making any kind of financial investment specially when you are dealing in cryptocurrencies and only invest the amount that you can afford to lose.

How do I contact KuCoin directly?

Nowadays, Customers facing different problems on their platform. Now you do not need to worry about it as kuCoin has announced it technical help or you can also search for kuCoin customer support OR, kuCoin customer service to resolve all your issues related to kuCoin account.

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Contact | KuCoin Help Desk

Whenever you deal anything on financial part, you always look for the way to contact the Support and service team to help on any issues you may encounter. So below is the list of all the possible way to contact with the kuCoin Live human rep.

KUCOIN Technical Support Channel: tech-support@kucoin.com

KUCOIN API Support Group: https://t.me/KuCoin_API

KUCOIN API Documentation: https://docs.kucoin.com/

Kucoin Customer Support & Service